About Working

「プラダを着た悪魔」/ “The Devil Wears Prada”


それは、あまりにも“small world”です。



部下に指示を与える際、“That’s all.”と言うところなどは、真似たいほどです。

更に、一生懸命に働く先輩アシスタントが、“I love my job!”と言っていたのも心に残ります。


The green coat that Anne Hathaway is wearing in this movie caught my attention, and that was simply why I watched this movie. However, the movie betrayed my expectation in a good way, and it made me think a lot about women and career.
If you watched this movie and could only see things from Anne Hathaway’s character’s viewpoint, I will not be able to work with you. That is, if you perceived Meryl Steep’s character as intimidating and bitchy, then you’re coming from a very one-sided perspective.
Please, try to re-watch that movie again, from Meryl’s charachter’s viewpoint.See how she takes over her responsibility to do her job…
The viewpoint, perspective and vision of the manager and the employees are significantly different.
It is fairly easy for the managers to understand his/her employees’ perpsectives (if s/he can’t, then that’s a huge problem), but it is hard for employees to know where their managers are coming from.
Think about this. What if your limitation to imagine is also limiting your capability.
Merril Streep’s subtle acting is very cool, and I even want to try to be like her when she says “That’s all.” after she’s done giving orders to her subordinates.
It also left me an impression when one of her hard working assistants said “I love my job!” to Anne Hathaway.
I feel like dressing up nicely, go to work, and work super efficiently after watching a movie like this.
The movie had that kind of effect on me.

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