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This unique, bilingual book delivers Catherine Bonbon’s encouraging and empowering voice to you. This book was written with a purpose—a purpose of connecting with you, and ultimately creating a world that is stronger and more beautiful.

Catherine wants to reach out to women and men of all ages, but in particular, young women and girls. Catherine sees a future world where all women and men, girls and boys are living safe and joy-filled lives. To make that happen, she has messages for you.

The author of this book, Yumi Okano, is the voice of Catherine Bonbon. You can say that Yumi is a real person and Catherine is an imaginary character. You may wonder:

Is Catherine speaking through Yumi?
Is Yumi speaking through Catherine?

After all, that is the fun part of this book. You can be the judge. Read Catherine’s messages for you. You may decide, as Catherine says, that she is everywhere and anywhere, including in you.

Catherine speaks in essence; she does not spell out everything she wants to say. Catherine’s messages are like poems. You have the freedom as well as the responsibility to reflect, interpret, and find meaning.

日英バイリンガルのメッセージ本、というユニークな設定の「ぼんぼん すふぃあ」。



Otokomae Statement

The next of “Kawaii” is Otokomae.
The wave of Otokomae is coming.
I think so.

I hope that more and more people in the world
will become Otokomae regardless of their age or gender.

「カワイイ!」の次/ Next Global Sensation after “Kawaii” is…
Kawaii culture from Japan is now spread around the world.
What comes next?
That will be Otokomae.
I seriously believe Otokomae comes next.

よーい、ドン!/ Let’s Get Started !
用意はいい?Are you ready? Today is your day!

「オトコマエ」とは何か?/ What is Otokomae?
First of all, what is Otokomae? Well, you’ll need to decide for yourself.
Let’s explore, shall we?

「オトコマエ」に性別はあるのか?/ Is Otokomae Male or Female?
ない。It doesn’t matter. What do you think it means?

「オトコマエ」に年齢はあるのか?/ How Old Does an Otokomae Have To Be?
ない。Otokomae is ageless. What do you think?

「オトコマエ」の最低条件とは?/ What is the Minimum Requirement to Be Otokomae ? 
That’s something for you to decide. What do you think?

何を決めるのか?/ What Do You Decide?
First, you commit yourself to be Otokomae. How about that?

五七五で言うならば?/ Otokomae in Haiku
「オトコマエ そうありたいと 決めたから」(決めて、それから?)
“O-to-ko-ma-e So-u-a-ri-ta-i-to Ki-me-ta-ka-ra”. (“Otokomae, I decide to be”.)
(Okay, you decided. Then what?)

そうありたいと決めたから/ I Decided to Be…
「オトコマエ そうありたいと 決めたから」
“Otokomae, I decide to be.”
So, you decided. Now, what? Trust yourself and take a step.

もし迷ったら?/ When in Doubt?
「迷ったら シビレルほうを 選びたい」
What would you do?
“When in doubt, I’ll choose the most fascinating.”
Yes, I will.

跳べるかも?/ Can I Jump?
ううん。「跳びたいと 思ったならば 跳んでみる!」
Would I fail?
Nonsense! “Jump! Follow your heart!”

「オトコマエ」の定義/ Definition of Otokomae
“Otokomae” is Action.
“Non-Otokomae” is just words.
When clarifying definition of something,
clarifying what’s on the opposite will make things more clear.

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